Need an estimate?

​Commercial Crane Service

At Western Crane, no lift is too small.  We value our residential customers and offer arrange of services, beyond those listed below:

  • Hot tub placement and removal
  • Landscaping Material placement
  • Garden shed placement
  • Lumber Package placement
  • ​Truss Placement

Our union operators are all NCCCO-certified and hold a Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC).  We provide 24-hour emergency service throughout Washington State.

 Available services include:

  • HVAC units
  • Cell towers
  • Precast concrete placement
  • Sheet metal exteriors/roofing
  • Steel erection

​ We are also able to provide Qualified:

  • Riggers
  • ​Signalmen
  • Power line spotter


​We provide operated crane service for both commercial and residential purposes. Because each crane lift is unique, please call or e-mail for more details. We can offer quotes over the phone, and we'll let you know if an on-site evaluation is required. 

Before calling, please consider the following to assist in providing you with an accurate estimate:

  • Location
  • Ground conditions and overhead obstructions
  • Set-up area
  • Load weight and dimensions
  • Other relevant background information

Residential Crane Service

We offer secure indoor and out door storage as well.  Call or email us for more information